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Divisional Meeting of Surrey - 24th April 2021

On this particularly damp morning, having had such lovely weather up to today, one hundred and fifteen Knights gathered on Zoom to attend the Divisional Meeting of Surrey.


The Intendant General, R.Ill.Kt Paul Rose was delighted to see so many of his own division as well as a great support from around the country.  In attendance was M.Ill.Kt Graham Leslie Flight, the Grand Sovereign who was especially welcomed.

The Intendant General invited the Divisional High Prelate, Ill.Kt Alan Hobden, to lead the Service of Rededication which he was pleased to do so.  The ceremony set an uplifting and comforting tone to the meeting, especially as we have all had many challenged to our faith over the last year in the Pandemic.


After the Service, R.Ill.Kt Paul Rose officially opened the meeting, the dispensation was read and a welcome to all was received. The Intendant General then welcomed all of the guests and heads of other orders by name. Unfortunately, our Intendant General, R.Ill.Kt. Richard Lucas was unable to attend as he and Marilyn were off to have their second vaccination, a priority in anyone’s life at the moment.  R.Ill. Kt. Mathew Burt responded on behalf of the guests and M.Ill. Kt. Graham Flight also responded saying how good it was to be able to attend in his own Division.


The usual order of Divisional business was conducted smoothly as we proceeded to the Intendant General’s address.  He congratulated all the Knights that he had appointed today and commented on the work behind the scenes that he and his executive had been undertaking during the lockdowns, to keep the Division going and preparing for the glorious day when we can all meet in person.  For some that might be in late June.  He thanked his deputy Ill.Kt. Andy Knight for all his support and work, especially in holding zoom meetings with the Knights to keep their ‘hand in’ with aspects of the ritual.  He then commended to the Knights the benefits of zoom, socially and in business terms as a tool to keep conclave business moving.


There being no other business, the meeting was closed and general conversation began. Many Knights commenting on the fact that they did not have a long and wet drive home!


Ill.Kt. Nicholas St.J.M. White


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