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Celebrating Wilf Leahy's 100th Birthday at Holy Peace Conclave No.381 at Yeovil - 19th June 2018

Wilf Leahy, a current member of Devon and Cornwall Division, reached the grand age of 100 years on 12th June 2018 and this was celebrated in the Holy Peace Conclave in Yeovil with several of our knights present amongst the 30 knights in attendance.

Wilf was in good form and was being 'nice' to everyone.  He not only received a personal letter of congratulations  from the Grand Sovereign but also received a 'Field Appointment Promotion' to the rank of Past Grand Junior General in recognition of his service.

Wilf was installed in St. John the Evangelist Conclave No. 238 on 28th May 1976.  He was a founder of St. Brannock Conclave No.342 in Barnstaple in 1980, and a founder of the Conclave of Resurrection No.432 in Tiverton in 1994.
He became treasurer in both Conclaves in 2008 and was made an honorary member in both Conclaves in 2012.

He attained the Grand Rank of P.G.H.Chancellor in 2005 and, as can be seen in the letter from the Grand Sovereign received a Field Appointment of P.G.Junior General on 19th June 2018.

Both Wilf and the assembled knights enjoyed a birthday cake provided by Mrs Carol Silman and a most enjoyable evening was had by all!

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